Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 1 Layout 1 and 2

Ok so as you all know I set out a goal for my self to do two 2 page layouts (LO) each week for my sons baby album. Yes I just posted that  a few days ago, but as I was going through the album I found 2 LO's one with pictures attached (no tittle or embellishments) and one with no pictures (some embellishments). So I figured since I had set the goal in the middle of the week, I could either stat next week fresh. Or I could semi "cheat" and use these two I had already started WAY back in the day, and get a head start. So I did the later one... lol

So the one with the pictures already attached I hated!! I wasn't even sure I would use. I didn't want to just start completely over, so I decided that I would just go with it, and try and make it "better".  I am not a huge fan of using black on LO's, but I figure it was what the LO was missing to pull it together. Not sure why I thought it would be black but I did... what do you think???
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I chose to go with "Ronald's many faces" for the title. I know not too Original, but what the heck I think it works. Given the amount of pics and different "faces" he was making.

I also chose to use the April SOTM "You Are..." (S1204). Not too sure if that was the right choice of stamp to go along with the title, but what's done is done. Plus I think I went the lazy way out with this LO. I guess it may have something to do with the fact that I didn't love it from the get go. Either way I "think" it turned out ok.

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Here is a close up of the LO. I love my baby's faces... lol I think EVERY mom has said that at one point or another, right?

This Next LO I completed at a friends Workshop, I want to say maybe 2008 sometime? not too sure. She was who introduce to me to Close to My Heart!! Love her for THAT and many other reasons too... lol! This was the LO with out pics. I don't remember what paper pack this was, or what stamp set was used... Wait! I think I may have an old Idea Book (IB) with this info.... give me a sec. Ok so the paper pack that was used is called "Good times". Cant seem to find what stamp set was used. (Sorry)
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I wasn't sure where I was going with it. These were the next set of photos in the album. I didn't want to stray from the order of the photos, and I wasn't about to search through the album to see which photos would "go" with the LO. So I just stuck with these and made the LO work.

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The Left page, I cut the pics to size (really only the bottom left one). I made a small pocket out of what should have been a "title" block. I stamped "moments to share" on it and made a small card with the AP cartridge (cart), Wrote a note for my son. Just above that I stamped "Just for you". Simple enough and it works. I made a slit in the page protector for easy access of the card. With out having to slip the whole page out to get it (more on that later).

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The Right page, I had set it for a 5x7 photo, but instead I stamped the mat and used a 4x6 photo. Since I hand wrote in the card I continued it on this pg. on the top left it says "Pull if you dare" with the arrow pointing to the photo. I also cut a slit in this one, so if you wanted to you could pull the picture out. Again I converted the "Title" block into a pocket for the pic I stamped "Peek A Boo". The  bottom right arrow reads "I love baths". I felt that I needed to balance out the arrows and hand writing. Overall I am happy with the way this came out. Since I was using a previously made LO.

Alright so now time for the close up of the slits. I cant remember exactly where I saw this, I know it was in one of our books, Maybe it was Magic? Any how all I did was place the pages in their page protectors and then I cut a slit.

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 I apologize for the quality of the photo... BUT you should be able to some what see the slit. On this one you should be able to see it a lot BETTER. So what I did was I took an Exacto knife and used a ruler to guide my cuts. I didn't do a single line cut. I actually did like a small thin rectangular cut, this way you can actually see where the slit is and just reach in and pull out the card or the picture. Hope this helps "visualize" the slits.
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Well there you have it, my first sets of LO's. I know I semi cheated with the ones already being made and everything, but I did start mid week ;)

Stay tuned for next weeks LO's!

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