Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Close To My Heart gets Patriotic!

Show your support of troops and country with new patriotic stamp sets!

 Available only from June 1 to July 31, 2013! 

As a show of our support, Close To My Heart will donate $3 from each B-size My Acrylix® Courage stamp set (B1437) and $5 from each D-size My Acrylix® Home of the Brave stamp set (D1576) to the USO, the leading, most recognized military-support and services organization in the United States, or $3 from each B-size My Acrylix® Courage stamp set and $5 from each D-size My Acrylix

This is AWESOME!!!!

head on over to my website and Order them today! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

CTMH Wall Art

Sorry to all of you, I have been in such a Hiatus!! 

But here is a Project I created, Using a Little bit of the DREAM POP paper packet! It is truly AMAZING! 

I created a a wall piece, or you can easily hang it on a door knob if you like :) 

I used my left over chipboard pieces from the Memory board game, as my backing to make it sturdy. You can use any 3x3 chip board square you have on hand. 

 As you can see, Its pretty simple, (I think!) I used Liquid glass for everything or Aleene;s Tacky glue (love it). The only time I Used Hot glue was for the Ribbon on the back so that it was sturdy enough. I have included detailed pictures of each “Square” . I really didn’t think that a video was necessary. Feel FREE to switch it up as you like! 


First things FIRST!!

The first thing you want to do for ALL of them is glue the Blue CardStock square to the chipboard piece. Once that is done you can move on to the rest of the square.

For this first Square

Remember Blue CS 1st! Onto chipboard!

I glued down first the Stamped shaped, then the flower. So here I included 3 of the flowers. I glued the 1st one on flat. The other 2 I folded the petals a bit, and only glued down the middle. Lastly I glued down the letter “C”, and the tiny pearl.

I did not ink up any edges, but feel free to do so if you like ;)

Remember Blue CS 1st! Onto chipboard!

Here I off centered the background pieces a bit to the left. First the silver glitter paper, with Liquid Glass! Then the banners, and Lastly the “T”


Remember Blue CS 1st! Onto chipboard!

this is has one of my favorite things to do! A Rosette! Make sure to pop out all the little circles first before you attempt to put it together. Once its put together use the white circle to glue it down on to. I hope this is not the first time you make a Rosette?! If it is I apologize... I do have a video up my blog.

So after your rosette is put together, I put more liquid glass onto the back of the white circle and pressed it onto the the blue background. Then comes the “M” and finally the Pearl onto the Rosette, I guess you can put it on after your done with the rosette if you like ;) 

Remember Blue CS 1st! Onto chipboard!

This was the easiest! 1st the glitter square, on an angle off centered to the left. Then the heart off to the left, YES it will be a bit off the square. Then the “H” and your done with this one! 

For the ribbon I used  our Black striped Grosgrain. I cut about 1 1/2" strips.  I used Hot glue, and I centered them all , left about 3/4” inch showing in between the squares.

I started with the “H” square, glued the bottom of the ribbon and worked my way up. This way I can “SEE” if I was centering the ribbon right. 

Last I made a loop for the Hook with an 11" strip. Hot glued it to the top back of the “C”.
I cut out 4 3x3 white squares. The extra white squares are to glue to the backs of each individual square once the ribbon is on for a “clean” look. 

 Hope you like it! :)

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Chantilly Gift set

Here it is....

Hi there all, Here are the rest of the gifts I made for my mothers 50th Birthday. Her big gift was tickets to Andrea Bocelli concert :) 

I decided to make this set of cards, since she is ALWAYS asking me to make her quick, last minute Birthday cards, or thank you card. Of course they MUST be great even if she needs them in the next 30 minutes... lol

So I figure this would be a Great idea, I would help her out and at the same time help myself out. 

I made the card/envelope box myself.  If you would like details on how I made that click HERE for that blog post.

I made her a set of 4 cards, I really wanted to make her a set of 6, but with me being the perfectionist that I am I just did not have time for that. 

Here is the Full set of 4 cards:

My absolute favorite is this green one:

At first it was my least favorite, since I just had it as a plain green in the background. I felt like it needed a little something, so I did a bit of random stamping with a small flower.... and I HATED IT! believe it or I not I thought I had ruined my card... but I decided to make it work, I added the bitty opaque pearls to the centers of each flower... and VIOLA! it added the touch it was needing to turn from drab to FAB! lol. OK maybe I am being a bit drastic... but really I did not like it until I added the pearls!!

This was the first card in the set, and I loved how the colors pulled together. OH! where are my manners?? in this ENTIRE card set I used the ever wonderful Chantilly Paper pack.  I LOVE how this paper pack is so dainty? I think its so delicate, but yet so bright and playful! At first glance in the Idea book this was not one of my top 3 paper packs, but when in my hands, Oh my! I must have more!! So many first with this set of cards... ;) 

I adored the layout I created for the previous card that I HAD to duplicate it and tweak it just a bit so it wouldn't be Exactly the same I cut out the flower using the AP cartridge. This card reminds me of my time spent living in Hawaii..... (SIGH, how I miss Hawaii....ok,  back to reality). So you can see how using the AP cartridge can be so simple and adds that perfect "something" to the card.

Last but not least is this other Birthday card, I figured you cant have too many of those. It seems like its always someones birthday right? So with this one I decided to make it a funky one... Its very colorful and is not traditional in any sense but it works! Again I used the AP cartridge to cut out the medallion piece and stamped right over it! I love how our stamps coordinate with the Cricut cartridges.  I also used some sliver shimmer trim!

Now onto the card/envelope box:

For the front of the card box I decorated with the NEW chevron Ribbon!  Love this new product and I coordinated with the Chantilly complements dimensional elements.

Here is the inside, on one side the cards and on the other, well the envelopes!

It folds and is very sturdy! IF you would like to see the tutorial on how to make this card box Click HERE to see that post. :) 

Hope that you enjoyed my creation!

Card/ Envelope Box set picture tutorial

So here is a quick picture tutorial on how to make this adorable box set:

You will need:

  • one 8 1/2 x 11 1/4 inch paper
  • bone folder 
  • scissors
  • glue dots
  • Score board (I use Martha Stewart)
  • Velcro dots (optional)

 To start you will score  you paper on the long side:
  • 3/4"
  • 1"
  • 5 3/8"
  • 5 7/8"
  • 10 1/4"
  • 10 1/2"

Ok and on the Short side the 8 1/2" side you will score on:

  •  3/4"
  • 1"
  • 7 1/2"
  • 7 3/4"

Once scored you will CUT away the corners and the middle squares off like in this picture below:

Then you can fold on all the score lines and you will end up with the exact replica of the above picture. 

 now you can add glue dots to the inside corners:

This will make sure that your box will stay put, and there will be actual slots to put your cards and envelopes in.

Then Feel free to decorate your box how ever you like! 

I added some Velcro dots to the box for easy closure:

Hope you enjoyed this simple and quick picture tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks so MUCH for stopping by! If you would like to see the Entire post where this Card box is featured along with ALL the cards that I created to go inside this box please click HERE.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Buzz and Bummble

So as promised here is another Birthday card I made for my dear momma!

this one is the one I gave to her on her actual birthday
. I wanted to give her an AWESOME card, she always loves everything I make, and I was NOT going to buy her one. I mean shoot me for even saying that ;) lol.

I got to thinking and I wanted to make a card that she can have out on display for some time (or at least I would like her too...lol). So I thought an easel card. guess what I have NEVER made one before! well whats an easel card?  here is an example of one I found on the Inernet when I googled "easel card"

This is what it would look like, Super Cute right?

 Then I did some more google-ing and came across more types of easel cards... like a twist easel card.  Here is what that looks like:


I cant take any credit for this card. I found this on goin over the edge's Blog. She has a great picture tutorial on how to make this kind of card. 

So then after more searching I found even more types! there is a double easel card, and even a double twist easel card... So I decided  to GO ALL OUT! I made a double twist easel card. 

I figured I would go big or go home! plus it was for my moms 50th birthday so it was well deserving!

So here is the card I made for my dear mom:

I found the template for this one HERE.  Its from Wendy's Crafting times Blog she has a great picture tutorial.

I decided to do mine a little different and not put FULL squares on the "triangles" I left them alone so the numbers would show through. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Buzz and Bumble paper! its my favorite paper pack!

Here is another view:

This view is from the top. I felt like it needed a "Happy Birthday" since well its a birthday card! Soooo I added a pocket in the back and put a tag inside with the "Pull" tab.


I love how it came out! what do you think?? You all are probably wondering what it looks like when closed. Well I will warn you since I put numbers on the front and it is a twist easel card the numbers will look "backwards" or "twisted" when closed... see:


**IMPORTANT** I only glued down the bottom halves of the numbers. For a better visual... Its the middle  bottom triangles that twist. So if you glue the whole number on you will end up tearing the papers when you try and twist the card.

Hope you enjoyed my Double Twist Easel card! 

Here is another card I created using the Buzz and Bumble paper pack. Oh! and with some Gold Glitter paper!! (which I LOVE!!)

Hope you have enjoyed my mother's Birthday cards. Stay tuned for a couple of the gifts I made for her!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chantilly and 50

Hi there everyone!!!

I have had a SUPER busy month! with the Valentine treat bag orders, January ctmh orders and of course my mothers 50th Birthday!

I made her several items, I will post those up later this week. To start off, The family as a whole took her out to dinner this past week to one of her favorite restaurants. They asked me to make her a birthday card... go figure! I should have seen that one coming LOL!

Any way, her other gifts took so much of my free time between work, and family stuff you know how it is that I did wait until the day of the  dinner to put this card together. So I did the easy thing... a Mojo Monday sketch!! I was so excited that it was one that I really liked and saw that it had major potential. Plus I had been itching to get back into doing more mojo monday cards. If you dont know about mojo monday feel free to check them out HERE.

Ok so enough chit chat... here is my Card: 

I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! I love how when I am on a crunch for time... and dont have much time for contemplating my ideas and design, things just turn out SO much BETTER than expected!  Plus I used NEW products from the New Spring/Summer 2013 Idea Book! It is available for your viewing online, Click HERE.

Here is the sketch from Mojo Monday that I followed:

Here is a close up of the detail, this card is 5x7

The inside reads: your one of the Wisest people I know.

Materials used:

  1.  Chantilly paper pack
  2.  Chantilly complements dimensional elements 
  3. Black and Grey Glitter paper 
  4. Bitty opaques adhesive pearls
  5. Opaques adhesive pearls  
  6. Just a Number Stamp set (D1514) 
  7. Slate ink pad

Hope that you enjoyed my card! My mother sure did! :) Stay tuned for the rest of her gifts and another AMAZING card!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine Treats

Can you believe it! we are less than a month Away from Valentines Day!

Here are some Goodie bags I created using the Close to My Heart Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge....The Hearts Are from The Close to My Heart Artiste Cricut Cartridge, the square is from Art Philosophy.

Aren't these CUTE!!!!!

They fit 2 boxes of "Sweethearts" just to give you an idea... plus theres wiggle room. So you can put quite a bit in there....

These are perfect to hand out as Valentine's for your child's Classroom! Or even just for your little ones at home.

I used the Whoo's your valentines Stamp set for these adorable bags.  Hope you Enjoyed these cute little Valentine Treat!! :)

If you are interested in placing an Order  Please do so here:


I can ship Anywhere in the United States. If you need a Different quantity please feel free to EMAIL ME and we can work something out.

Thanks For stopping by!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kindergarten Memories

I finally got to doing my son's Kindergarten School Pictures!  You would think that I would have them done considering that its only 1 pose and a class shot! thats a total of what.... 2 pictures!! Well If your like me and have a job, and a family and get side tracked easily... well you know how long this takes to accomplish.

I want to thank ALL my faithful followers who Read along as often as I blog....

So onto my Lay out:

I have been Hoarding, saving this "Super Hero" Paper Pack from last Catalog, which I LOVED the minute I laid eyes on it!!! It was so right up my little man's alley. I was also able to score the complimentary Super Hero Rub-ons for $1.50 (4 sheets) on the while supplies last section (FYI they are still available!!!) The paper how ever I am sorry to say that it is no longer available. 

Here is what you get with the Rub-on's:


Here is the LEFT side of the page:

Since I cut the "Class" Picture a Bit I ended up cutting the School Name out... I turned it into my "Title" piece across both pages. Love when things like that turns out. 

I used the Cricut Artiste Cartridge to cut out ALL the stars.... I then used the Star Rub-on's and put them on top of my Yellow cut out's.

I also used the Artiste Cartridge to cut out that Cute "ripped out page" where I did my journaling on. Now How CUTE is that cut!!! it has 2 of those pages sightly different types of note book pages.

Here is the Right Side:

I thought that the blue background and his White uniform top work WONDERFUL with the paper color scheme.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and Simple Lay Out! 

Don't forget about the Whoooo's your Valentine Kit Promotion going on:

Spend $35 in products and get the Kit for $10!!!

Get EVERYTHING you NEED to make 12 of these ADORABLE treat tubes for Valentines Day!!

Included is this Oh SO ADORABLE stamp set:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mojo 275 #2

Ok, So Mojo MOnday wont let me post two Entries Off of one post....

Here is the Original Sketch over at Mojo Monday

So here is my second Entry for Mojo Monday #275

Thanks For stopping by (Again) :)

If you would like to see the Original post with BOTH my cards for this weeks Mojo Monday challenge please Read all about it HERE.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Got my Mojo back on!

Hey there!!!

I Finally got back to doing my Mojo Monday cards!!! If you dont know what that is then Head on over to the Mojo Monday blog Such a Fun site!!

here is this weeks Sketch:

I was so blessed this week that I not only created ONE Mojo Card, I had the opportunity to make Two!

ok, ok, So I cheated.... ;) More on that later....

Here is my First attempt at Mojo #275:

 I used the Adorable Who's your valentine Stamp set . you get this amazing KIT:

When you Spend just $35 in my online CTMH shop (Click HERE) you can add on this kit for only $10!

So as you can see this kit is more than just Valentine favors! I also used the FABULOUS NEW Shimmer Trim in both Silver and Black (the black is a sneak peek at the NEW Idea Book).

Here are a Closer Look at the Card:

I used some 3D foam to pop up the cute owl:

OK on to the 2nd card.... So the thing is my cousin asked me So last minute at 1pm that he needed a nice card for his boss and that it would be her last day TODAY!! oh and the kicker he would swing by at 4pm to pick it up!!! like I dont have things to do OR a job...  SHEESH!

Of course I Rushed home and whipped this one up... here is the cheating part... I used the same mojo Pattern since it was fresh in my mind from last night... Hee Hee....

He wanted a bigger card so this next one is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" (my 1st EVER that big!)

Thanks So Much for stopping by my blog....

would love to hear your Feed back!!!


Cards are being entered into the Mojo Monday 275 challenge :)