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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about joining Close to my Heart as a Consultant 
Here are some FAQs that many people, just like you, have asked about joining CTMH as a Consultant. If you have any questions that are not covered, or just want to talk about joining my team, feel free to email me at GordisandBuches@gmail.com
How much does the New Consultant Kit cost?
It’s only $99 plus tax and shipping. (Retail value is almost $300!) Shipping within the lower 48 states is typically $14 for FedEx ground (a deal for how huge the box is!), and the tax rate is based on your local tax.  Read more about the Consultant Kit
How long does it take for my New Consultant Kit to arrive?
Once you sign up, CTMH tries to ship out your New Consultant Kit ASAP! I'd say you can typically expect your kit to ship within 1-3 days. The CTMH corporate office is in Utah, so the shipping time varies depending on where you're located. (I'm in Washington state, and my orders usually arrive the 2nd day after shipping.) Once it ships you'll receive an email notification with FedEx tracking number. It feels like Christmas when you open your package!

Do I get a discount on my own purchases?
Yes! You automatically receive a 22% discount on your purchases, plus you’ll have the opportunity to earn more based on your monthly sales, title, and downline.

What are the minimums for a Consultant?
As an active Consultant you need to buy and/or sell just $300 per calendar quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec). Your first minimums are due by the end of your first FULL quarter. For example, if you join on April 15, the next new quarter begins on July 1, so your first minimums must be earned between July 1 and September 30. Although if you’re trying to earn the Straight to the Top (STTT) goals, you’ll want to earn $300 in your first month and $1200 in your first 3 months. (More on that below.)

What is the commission structure for a Consultant?
As your sales increase, so do your rewards!
Base commission: When you make a sale you’ll receive 22% commission on the spot! Awesome! You don’t have to wait for payment…you simply collect the money for the sale, then remit your product cost (with your 22% discount) to CTMH. For example, if you hold a gathering that has $300 in sales, you’ll collect $300, then place the order with CTMH, which costs you $234. (Excluding tax/shipping…but customers pay that.) You’ve just made $66!  Plus you’ll receive Select Product Credit (see below). If you have a sale on your website, CTMH will send you the commission by the 15th of the following month. You can choose to receive a check or direct deposit.
Select Product Credit (SPC): When you have $150 or more in monthly sales, CTMH will also give you SPC, which can be used on paper, inks, stamps, and Workshop on the Go kits. $150-$399 in monthly sales receives $5 SPC; $400-$599 receives $25 in SPC; and it goes up from there.
Override Commissions: As your monthly sales go up, so does your commission!  Once you sell $1,000 per month you’ll receive extra commission, up to 35%...on top of the SPC! And when you get to the high-level director titles there are even more bonuses. Override commissions are calculated by CTMH and given to you by the 15th of the following month via check or direct deposit. SPC is added to your account automatically.

What is a Junior Consultant?
If for some reason you fall short of reaching your $300 quarterly minimum, you will become a Junior Consultant (JC). You will also lose any downline you have (they would roll up to be my downline). Junior Consultants receive 10% commission and must have $100 in sales per quarter to remain a JC. If this is not reached you will leave the company. (You may join again down the road if you’d like.) But once you reach $300 in sales in any given month, you will promote back to a Consultant! If you feel like you are going to drop to a JC and don’t want to, let me know and I will help you think of ways to get your sales up.

What is Straight to the Top (STTT)?
STTT is CTMH’s incentive program to set you out on the right foot in your new business. You can earn FREE products for reaching your goals! Your STTT #1 goal is to sell $300 in your first month. If you accomplish this, you’ll receive $25 in SPC. STTT #2 goal is $1200 in your first 3 months (which includes the first $300). If you reach this, you’ll receive $75 in SPC. 
This means if you reach both goals, you’ll get $100 in FREE goodies!! Plus, if you reach both goals you’ll get a special gift from me! Statistics show if you can make both STTT Levels then you will more than likely continue on to be successful with your CTMH business. (I reached both of my STTT goals...and I thought I just wanted to be a hobbyist!) :)

What kind of training will I receive as a Consultant?
Not only will you receive support from ME,  you will also receive great materials in your Consultant kit and be able to earn your Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D degrees in CTMH’s online Training Academy! The training courses focus on 5 areas: business, creative, leadership, personal development, and professional development. 
Once you finish your Ph.D. there are also continuing education courses to keep us learning all the time! Plus there are Bulletin Boards on CTMH’s website and Facebook groups that Consultants can post artwork and ideas on…they’re great sources of inspiration!

How do I get a CTMH website?
Close to my Heart offers ALL Consultants a free website! Once you join you can activate it and share your online address with your friends and family! You can even set up online parties and have guests order right from your website to go toward the party total. You’ll also receive access to send a free, professionally designed monthly email newsletter!

Can I earn extra incentives?
YES! The first incentive is your STTT goals (explained above). You can also earn an all-expense paid cruise for two, which is based on a variety of factors over a 1-year period. CTMH also has announces various incentives every so often, especially around Convention time (July)!

How do I sign up?!
You can sign up right on my website HERE! The application process only takes a couple of minutes, then you’ll be ready for business! My Consultant # is 153554109. Please let me know if you have any questions!

To read more about what is included in the Consultant Kit and the benefits of joining Close to my Heart, please read my "Join my Team" page. As always, I'm here to help you, so if you have any questions whatsoever, please to not hesitate to ask. My email is GordisandBuches@gmail.com ... I am usually quick at responding!

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