Friday, March 30, 2012

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sorry for the delay, but here are the videos I made. I GREATLY Apologize for the first one. It is my FIRST EVER video. So its a bit jittery (not sure why). 

CTMH Consultant kit Spring/Summer 2012 W/ Cricut Art Philosophy Collection

And here is the Pemberley add on # 2 that I got. (much better video I PROMISE!)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cricut Design studio

alright so very quickly I would like to say that my experiences with Cricut (Provo Craft) have been great! As far as their customer service I honestly cant complain!

I had received the software in like 2008 as a gift, and due to life's unexpected events I never got around to using it. So now finally I have unveiled  about 90% of my scrapbooking items that have been in storage for the past several years and wanted to use them. 

to my surprise, the serial number provided was not correct (I "think" who ever bought this might have gotten it on Ebay). Anyhow, I took my chances and called them. Explained everything (minus my speculations on the purchase on ebay) and in a matter of about 4 minutes they just gave me a NEW serial number! Just like that no questions asked!!

I love customer service like that! this is the second time I have had to deal with them and that's been twice that they exceed my expectations!!!! 

LOVE Provo Craft!! 

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New kit!

hey everyone got my new CTMH Spring/Summer 2012 consultant kit from the fed ex man today!!! Wooo Hooo! so excited!. have been having some technical difficulties with my camera, so will post pics and video hopefully tomorrow :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh Start

well I'm very new to this blog thing, so I wanted to create one that I can just post things about anything, I love to scrapbook! I just became a Close to My Heart consultant, I have been considering it for over 6 years and finally did it. I honestly did it for the GREAT products you get for signing up. I do plan on trying to get others to scrapbook, and in the process maybe sell a few things. Plus I love that I get the great discount on items that I need.

Anyway sorry didnt mean to go about being a consultant

So I will be mainly posting about anything that comes to mind... right now I am doing the HCG diet this will be round three for me so I will post how that goes. Also will try to post things that have to do with my scrapbooking.

Right now I am currently getting all my items out of the storage in the garage, I got divorced and put a lot of things away since I got a smaller place for me and my son. So now I am trying to make a VERY tiny space in my bedroom work I will post pictures later on on how that goes, dont expect anything in the next few days lol. trying to make an old tv armoire work. we will see how that goes.

Spring/Summer 2012 consultant kit

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