Friday, May 3, 2013

CTMH Wall Art

Sorry to all of you, I have been in such a Hiatus!! 

But here is a Project I created, Using a Little bit of the DREAM POP paper packet! It is truly AMAZING! 

I created a a wall piece, or you can easily hang it on a door knob if you like :) 

I used my left over chipboard pieces from the Memory board game, as my backing to make it sturdy. You can use any 3x3 chip board square you have on hand. 

 As you can see, Its pretty simple, (I think!) I used Liquid glass for everything or Aleene;s Tacky glue (love it). The only time I Used Hot glue was for the Ribbon on the back so that it was sturdy enough. I have included detailed pictures of each “Square” . I really didn’t think that a video was necessary. Feel FREE to switch it up as you like! 


First things FIRST!!

The first thing you want to do for ALL of them is glue the Blue CardStock square to the chipboard piece. Once that is done you can move on to the rest of the square.

For this first Square

Remember Blue CS 1st! Onto chipboard!

I glued down first the Stamped shaped, then the flower. So here I included 3 of the flowers. I glued the 1st one on flat. The other 2 I folded the petals a bit, and only glued down the middle. Lastly I glued down the letter “C”, and the tiny pearl.

I did not ink up any edges, but feel free to do so if you like ;)

Remember Blue CS 1st! Onto chipboard!

Here I off centered the background pieces a bit to the left. First the silver glitter paper, with Liquid Glass! Then the banners, and Lastly the “T”


Remember Blue CS 1st! Onto chipboard!

this is has one of my favorite things to do! A Rosette! Make sure to pop out all the little circles first before you attempt to put it together. Once its put together use the white circle to glue it down on to. I hope this is not the first time you make a Rosette?! If it is I apologize... I do have a video up my blog.

So after your rosette is put together, I put more liquid glass onto the back of the white circle and pressed it onto the the blue background. Then comes the “M” and finally the Pearl onto the Rosette, I guess you can put it on after your done with the rosette if you like ;) 

Remember Blue CS 1st! Onto chipboard!

This was the easiest! 1st the glitter square, on an angle off centered to the left. Then the heart off to the left, YES it will be a bit off the square. Then the “H” and your done with this one! 

For the ribbon I used  our Black striped Grosgrain. I cut about 1 1/2" strips.  I used Hot glue, and I centered them all , left about 3/4” inch showing in between the squares.

I started with the “H” square, glued the bottom of the ribbon and worked my way up. This way I can “SEE” if I was centering the ribbon right. 

Last I made a loop for the Hook with an 11" strip. Hot glued it to the top back of the “C”.
I cut out 4 3x3 white squares. The extra white squares are to glue to the backs of each individual square once the ribbon is on for a “clean” look. 

 Hope you like it! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!