Friday, February 8, 2013

Buzz and Bummble

So as promised here is another Birthday card I made for my dear momma!

this one is the one I gave to her on her actual birthday
. I wanted to give her an AWESOME card, she always loves everything I make, and I was NOT going to buy her one. I mean shoot me for even saying that ;) lol.

I got to thinking and I wanted to make a card that she can have out on display for some time (or at least I would like her So I thought an easel card. guess what I have NEVER made one before! well whats an easel card?  here is an example of one I found on the Inernet when I googled "easel card"

This is what it would look like, Super Cute right?

 Then I did some more google-ing and came across more types of easel cards... like a twist easel card.  Here is what that looks like:


I cant take any credit for this card. I found this on goin over the edge's Blog. She has a great picture tutorial on how to make this kind of card. 

So then after more searching I found even more types! there is a double easel card, and even a double twist easel card... So I decided  to GO ALL OUT! I made a double twist easel card. 

I figured I would go big or go home! plus it was for my moms 50th birthday so it was well deserving!

So here is the card I made for my dear mom:

I found the template for this one HERE.  Its from Wendy's Crafting times Blog she has a great picture tutorial.

I decided to do mine a little different and not put FULL squares on the "triangles" I left them alone so the numbers would show through. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Buzz and Bumble paper! its my favorite paper pack!

Here is another view:

This view is from the top. I felt like it needed a "Happy Birthday" since well its a birthday card! Soooo I added a pocket in the back and put a tag inside with the "Pull" tab.


I love how it came out! what do you think?? You all are probably wondering what it looks like when closed. Well I will warn you since I put numbers on the front and it is a twist easel card the numbers will look "backwards" or "twisted" when closed... see:


**IMPORTANT** I only glued down the bottom halves of the numbers. For a better visual... Its the middle  bottom triangles that twist. So if you glue the whole number on you will end up tearing the papers when you try and twist the card.

Hope you enjoyed my Double Twist Easel card! 

Here is another card I created using the Buzz and Bumble paper pack. Oh! and with some Gold Glitter paper!! (which I LOVE!!)

Hope you have enjoyed my mother's Birthday cards. Stay tuned for a couple of the gifts I made for her!


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