Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have set a GOAL for myself. I realized that I started a scrapbook album of my son as soon as he was born. I SWORE I had at least done 8 moths of his life... come to find out I have about 15 (2pg) Layouts of  the first 3 months of his life..YIKES!!! have I got some catching up to do!

I have decided that I will attempt to make two (2pg) layouts each week. Realistic?? I sure hope so! I figure That this will at least help me play catch up. I love that I have a regular 4x6 picture album full of his baby pictures in chronological order all the way up to 4 1/2 months! This is how I started to scrap... I started with the ones  at the beginning and worked my way through the album so I wouldn't miss any pictures/ moments. So this album holds 200 photos, and I did double up on some slots of same poses to maximize my space. over 200  photos and only about 4 1/2 months of his life.... no wonder I ordered over 2000 photos 2 years ago and only covered from age 1 to 3 1/2. Just 6 months ago I placed another order for about 900 or so for the last year and a half... can you say WAY too MANY photos! LOL.

I cant help it I LOVE to take photos, and I love my little guy! but my organization ended there.. all the other photos that I ordered are still in their envelopes and boxes. Oh! did I mention that the ones that managed to make it to the photo album have dates and age on the back of them! I was so excited about that, that I almost did a little happy dance! (Yes I know I am silly). I was happy to know that the guess work was taken care of for me. I didn't have to sit there and think about how old "exactly" was my son in a certain picture. I will post some pictures of the lay outs that I have in the album already....

I hate some of them, I love some of them BUT I am leaving them just as they are. This was my 2nd scrapbook album EVER attempted and this was back in 2006. I didn't own a cricut (my friend did) so I made the layouts and I would go over to her house and cut out the "titles". I didn't own 75% of all the cool tools, embellishments, papers and all the NEW found knowledge that I have acquired over the past many years.

 So here are a few photos of the some of the lay outs I did for the album:

Disclaimer: these are circa 2006... lol Really old so don't judge them... ;)

 This is the "real" first photo... he was several weeks early and my labor was a HUGE surprise, plus it was only a few hours total. We didn't have a camera ready, we expected to be sent home. BUT 3 hours later here he was, and we had to resort to a camera phone "photo op" for his first photos.
 (click on photos to see larger view)

 Here was his first time meeting "Abuela" (Grandma) he was early so it was a surprise, plus we lived clear cross country.
  (click on photos to see larger view)
 This was our first family photo:

  (click on photos to see larger view)

  (click on photos to see larger view)

Yes, He was a chicken... lol only wore it for the photo... he was 2 months old in this picture.
  (click on photos to see larger view)
I love this photo! Here he is wearing my own outfit that my grandma made for me way back when! lol.
 And I love his tiny fingers and toes.... :)

I am excited to see what I come up with.... I have also decided that I will start a separate album for his school years. I figure I will make lay outs for each of his school year Photos and maybe at a few through out the school year of events and what not. Figure this will be nicer to have than photos up on the wall, and then still have to figure what to do with the photo's after the years have passed. Good Idea?? I think so,  at least for now I do.

Stay tuned for my next layouts.... Hopefully they are bigger and better than these first EVER layouts I created in 2006 :)

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