Friday, April 13, 2012

playing with Cricut Craft Room

So today I decided to play round with my Cricut Craft Room (CCR) and so far I have to say that I really Like it!! We will see if I get to LOVE it.

Everything I made in this post was cut using the Art Philosophy Cartridge

I was trying to make some Lollipop covers for my Niece's Bday and I made a 2in tag with holes on each end. Turns out perfect width just not long enough. So I got this bright idea..." on the CCR you can just stretch the image" and VIOLA!! just like that I had perfect size Covers!! and I can arrange them on my mat perfectly side by side to fit more than I would if just cut straight from the cricut! :)

So after that I got to playing with it some more and thought lets try making a quick banner.... (why not).
So again used the CCR and used 5.5" triangles with the holes on each side on the top. I placed them side by side (one up and one down) as close as possible together... (a GREAT advantage from CCR). 

Then I cut Stars and arranged them the same way, kind like a puzzle where I tried to interlock them as close together as possible so more would fit on my mat. With in minutes I had my objects cut and I was ready to assemble!

I inked the edges of both triangles and stars. I used the 3d foam to stick the stars onto the triangle to give it some dimension.

I decided to spell my son's name out and just cut out some letters using the CCR in black and glued them onto the stars. 

Last but not least I strung on some sheer ribbon to tie it all together and VIOLA! done!

Not to shabby for first Banner... lol

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