Monday, April 9, 2012

Felicity Frame

Hey Everyone, Here is another frame I created over the weekend.

I used an old paper I had from the Felicity Collection from CTMH. I used The Art Philosophy Cartridge to make the flowers. 

My first step was to cut out the paper to size. I place the paper that I have chosen face down and then place the frame face down as well and trace the outside and the inside (where the space for picture will be).

I then use my paper trimmer and trim the paper on the out side, I like to use my micro tip scissors to cut the inside of the "frame" carefully. Once this is done I am ready to ink up the edges of my paper. Once finished with inking I am ready for the glue.
for this particular frame I used mod podge as the glue and sealer.
I lay on a thin coat of mod podge on the frame and then lay the paper down on top. make sure to get in on there good and press firmly to get any air bubbles before they form. I usually give it about 15 minutes to dry.

So at this point I like to roll out my flowers if am going to use any. I ink my flowers around the edges on both sides of the paper. To glue the flowers I used Liquid glass (Z679), this is becoming my favorite adherent for most of my embellishments. I use Liquid glass to set them in place on their own little base.

while waiting for them to dry I like to use this time to round off the edges of the frame with the scissors (since I cut the paper as a rectangle and my frame has rounded edges. 

Once my flowers are nice and dry I arrange them on the frame. 

When I am happy with the design I take the flower on the farthest edge and glue that one down with the liquid Glass, and then do the same with the opposite end. That way I don't loose my parameter that I have laid out. I then just work my way in with the flowers that are left. you should get something like this:

I used Pearl appliques as embellishments for the center of the flowers, I place my pearl applique in the center at this time to take advantage that the liquid glass is fresh and will be like a double glue, since the pearls are adhesive on the back too.

to adorn the frame. I kind of made a "Swirl" out of the pearls 

for my next frame I will use Liquid glass to glue the paper to the frame and see how that works, will let you all know how that goes. 

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  1. Your frame is lovely, I can not wait to make these flowers with my cartridge, been babysitting grandchildren (age 2) so no crafty play time.

    come follow me:)

  2. I love your frame Diana. I have never made anything like that. Thanks for sharing. Gloria

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