Saturday, October 6, 2012

Avonlea 9x9 Accordion Album

Well here it is.... I am finally done! I think I completed this rather quickly? I started this on  Monday and I finished it yesterday. You can click on all the Pictures to View Larger

I have created a 9x9 accordion Album to use at my next workshop. I set out with a goal. I only have a half a pack of Avonlea paper pack and I was determined to make this ENTIRE album with that. I of course used some odd and ends that you would normally have on hand. So this Album has of course the Front and back covers. Depending which way you open it, it will have 4 pages on one side. When you flip it over it will have 2 pages on the back side, along with the covers. So which EVER way you choose to lay it open you will see 4 complete pages!

Ok enough talk lets Show you some Pictures!  Bear with me I took several.


Ok, so this here is what I made as the front "main" cover. I titled it "memories". I also wanted to be able to place a picture on the front cover to maximize photos since this is a 9x9 and not a typical 12x12 lay out.


Up next is the first set of pages if you were to open this cover up like you would a Book.

These are technically pages 1 and 2.

Page one is on the left and is directly behind the front cover. Just want you to get a good "visual" on placement of everything.  

And these are pages 3 and 4. 

and like page 1, page 4 here is on the right side and is directly behind the back cover. Which is coming up Next.


but first here are a few shots of the entire 4 pages opened up. I couldn't decide which shot I liked best so you get all of them.

Up Next are the Back 2 pages which would be directly behind pages 2 and 3, again for "Visual" purposes... ;) So if you look at the picture above it would be behind the middle 2 pages... see "visual" lol.

So these I will call pages 5 and 6. These are my FAVORITES!!! I am really in LOVE with this paper.  So I wanted to make these pages appear as one big layout. So instead of 2 seperate 9x9 pages, I made it into 1 18x9 layout. 

Now onto the last part, the Back cover. Here I wanted to make it simple and elegant (well at least I think it is). I left the top Slate rectagle blank on purpose. This way my guest can choose the "title" or "Sentiment" that they want to put, or they can Just embellish it with some bling if they want. Or just leave it as is! 

Here is a shot of it opened up with the covers in view. 

Here are the Covers Side by Side :

Can you believe I did All this with just Half a paper pack!!! YUP all I added was a couple sheets of Colonial white, Chocolate, and White Daisy card stock, Chocolate  and Colonial white Grosgrain Ribbon, some Bitty opaque Pearls ,  and Sparkles. Of course I used my Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge and the Hooray Bouquet stamp set.

 One Final look at both sides:

So what do you think???

This workshop will be Available in the next weeks $25 all materials will be provided! 
Email me if your interested for dates if you are in My (Miami, FL) Area.

Thanks For stopping by feel free to leave your thoughts. :)


  1. Gorgeous and frugal--my favorite combination! Fabulous job! Wish I could come to your workshop! ;)

    1. Thanks Amie, you are always welcome if you find yourself in my area :)

  2. You keep making me LIKE the papers I don't like!! STOP!! lol. Beautiful job! =)

    1. lol! at first Avonlea was not one of my favorites.... BUT it is now!

  3. these are awesome pages...great job...hope you have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*