Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I was on Vacation with my family for the past few weeks.... it was a much Needed Disney Vacation! But I am back and at full swing.  Here are just a few of the fathers Day items I made.

I made this frame for my Son's Daddy:

Sorry Not the best picture, But Daddy was headed back to "play" Soldier and was at the airport when I had realized I had not taken a photo to show you guys!! So  I made him take it out of his carry on and I quickly used my phone to snap a picture on the floor of the airport...LOL!  This will keep him company until he gets back to us! This was a picture taken at Disney on our recent trip.

 and Here is a quick card I threw together for my Father:
click to view larger
click to view larger
Thanks to another CTMH consultant for the inspiration! (Maureen Sherrill)

Hope Everyone had a fabulous Father's Day!!!

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