Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flip Flaps!

I apologize for the delay with this post.... but I am FINALLY DONE! wooo hooo! (lol)

So when I came to these set of photos in the album as the "next" to be scrapbooked I knew I did not want to just settle on a few... So I figured I had to use Flip Flaps, I have never used them before. First time for everything. What are Flip Flaps you may ask? well they are like small page protectors for individual pictures. In this LO I used the 4x6 size, but there are many different sizes so you can created even smaller LO "flaps" to go over your bigger 12x12 LO.

The waiting was having to order them, and then wait for my fedex man to arrive.... By then it was time for me to get ready to go on vacation (Darn) lol! ok enough rambling so here's the LO.

I used one of my favorite paper packs "Dotty for you" and I used the "life is Tweet" stamp set (this is the stamp of the month [SOTM] for June 2012). I used Lagoon ink and color pencils to color in the stamp.

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I Just Love these Colors!!!! they are so Spring like. I didn't know what I was going to use for "Title" purposes except for "Sunbathing" (Which I used the "Urban Alphabet" stamp set). Towards the end of piecing things together I realized I had just gotten my shipment and had the SOTM on hand! I felt it went with the theme... Plus I just wanted to use the darn Bird! (Isn't he cute!!) So many possibilities.

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 For the Right side LO I used the cloud and cut out an extra from a scratch piece of paper and just used adhesive to one end (the far left side of the cloud) and attached it to the LO strategically so it would cover up his XXX rated photo... LOL! I know, I know too much.  But thought it was a cute addition, plus the cloud is glued on so its more of a "Flap" so if you really wanted to see his cute little bum entirely just lift... ;)

Here is a close up of the cloud "flap"
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See its just another "Flap" made from the cloud cut out.

Ok on to the Left side of the LO. Isn't my Little man adorable! this was 6 years ago... how I miss those days! So on this side is where I used the "Flip Flaps".  Both of these 4x6 Pictures have 2-3 more pictures underneath them. I thought that they might be tricky to use but not at all. Once I figured out how I wanted to place my pictures I just put them inside each of the "Flip flaps" and then peel off the paper to reveal the sticky side and stick them onto the LO.
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Here is the same page only with the "Flaps" open. There are a few more flaps under the pictures on the left side, just didn't take a picture.
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I am super excited to be using flip flaps now, this way I will not have to pick and choose several pictures. If I wanted to I can have 20+ pictures all in one LO!! 
Here is one last close up of my baby and the birdie....

Stay tuned for more LO featuring "Flip Flaps" I am Pretty sure I will be using more of these... as you can see I cant just take 1-2 photos of a single moment! :)

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