Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This and That.....

Hello My fellow crafters!!! hope your all having a fantastic HUMP day.

I have been a bit busy these past few days, several doctors appointments. No school for the kids this past Monday. Plus I have been working on some Custom orders, and life any other crafter out there, you get side tracked in the middle of one craft you think of something fabulous to make... so you know crafting a million things at once starts... lol

So today I have for you these wonderful Birthday Ribbons that I was asked to Custom make. These are for two boys. They have out grown there Bday pin wearing school days, BUT their grandma thought these would look great on their gifts, and possibly in their room! (what a GREAT Grandma!!)


Here's A Closer look:


 So if you want one of these wonderful "badges" you can order one from ME. You can ask for any colors that you like, and Almost any theme. Just me and I can see what I can do ( I am only human) ;o)

Ok on to the part where I got side tracked... So I keep my most used Cricut cartridges on my desk for quick reference. I realized that the "holder" I had previously was just not cutting it anymore. Since I have added 2 more Manuals and an assembly guide it was look a bit  stuffed. So I put a Beautiful Magazine holder type thing with the new Artiste Cartridge!!! it literately took about 5 min!!

I used Roxie Paper packer and some Bling and thats it! Oh and the <3 with the xoxo's is from the Its your day double stamp set promo... available until Sept 30th!

Here it is on my desk, It fits right in!!! so perfect for what I need!!

Thanks for joining me today for a little of this and that...

"Its your day" double D size stamp set available for $5 with a $35 order. Offer available until Sept 30th

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  1. These turned out nice! :D And it was a nice idea for the gifts!