Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not so Scary Halloween...

Its Blog Hop time Again... I used to be scared of these, but now Bring them on!

Welcome to our September Art Philosophy Blog Hop!  Each month we will showcase our amazing Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge which can be purchased exclusively through a Close to My Heart Independent Consultant.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, this month we will be featuring projects for Halloween made using the Art  Philosophy Cricut cartridge!  Hope you don’t get too scared by the time you get to the end of our hop!

If you just happened to come to this blog, you should start at the beginning at Lucy's blog -

We are going "Halloween" in September.

Today I made for you a cute little Trick or Treat Goodie Bag. Isn't it Adorable? I LOVE how it turned out.

I used the image on pg 23 (Decorative Font layer with Shift) in the guide book:

This cut's out with two handles but I folded them in, and glued them. That way they wouldn't be in the way, and then I just made my own, used a single strip of the scrap paper and glued it in the middle.

The Bag is very simple to put together, the cartridge will cut the slits where you would "score" and fold. With the slits you dont need to, unless you want to ;) So once the bag is put together you can decorate it how you like.
 **note: Stamp what ever you will BEFORE putting together, this will be easier since bag will be flat**

I had this really cute Green 2" ribbon that was perfect! I folded it back and forth to create this look. I secured the folds with glue dots. I then wrapped it around the top, right on the "brim" of the bag. I then got a 1/2" ribbon in this yellow/orange color (both ribbons were purchased at Michales for $1) I centered it and attached it to the Green ribbon.

Ok so now for the Black Tulle Ribbon! I love this new CTMH product!! I folded it back and forth as well and hot glued it to the top inside of the bag. Be CAREFUL the glue is,  well... HOT (duh) and will seep through the tulle. I learned this the hard way... (shhh)

Here is a close up shot:

For the Lettering "Boo" I used the same Art Philosophy Cartridge Cut out the Letter "B" and then for the O's I cut out 3 plain circles...  clever huh?? Anyway, I again used hot glue to secure my "Boo" in the middle of the Ribbon. Kinda reminds me of Ernie's eyes from Sesame Street...

 Anyway,  in this picture you can see the Tulle a bit more:

Now that I look at it more... It looks more and more like  Ernie... even with the Tulle "hair" lol.

I was using the tulle more for like a tissue paper effect  I think it turned out Great!! I mean it is a Halloween project... who's to say its not disguised as "Ernie" :)

The stamp that I used for the "Trick or Treat" was the Trinity Alphabet (E1021). This Alphabet is seriously a must have! The alphabet comes in three different sizes to include numbers. The size that I used here is the smallest of the 3.

Now onto  the Bats....

The bats where created using the Art philosophy cartridge too.... I used the shape on pg 38 in the guide book.  I cut the Image in half and then just cut out the "straight" edge to round it out. Then with that same little scrap, I just folded the corners up to make the head of the bat. Not sure if you can see in this picture...(Sorry forgot to take a close up).

Here is the Shape that I used for the bat. I was able to get two bats from one image!

I used some Glitz Glitter to embellish the points on the bats and a bit around the "Boo".

I hope you have enjoyed my Halloween Creation. Your Next stop on this Blog Hop is the "Not so Scary" Stephanie from the  Quilted Scrapper.

Here's the entire blog hop lineup in case you get spooked along the way:


  1. So cute!!! Great ideas for the eyes and bats. LOVING how you folded the green ribbon, so much impact!

  2. Awesome!! Great work Diana!! I especially love the tulle! Gonna have to use it in my gifts instead of tissue!!

  3. L.O.V.E. We both got creative with the shapes on the cartridge. I love the bats. I really think the AP cartridge was the best money I've ever spent!

  4. I LOVE the Boo eyes! Cute project!!!

  5. Soooo glad you're not scared of these anymore! ;) Fantastic job Diana. Thank you so much for joining the hop.

  6. This is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great idea for the bag. You do such a great job!!!

  8. Sweet bag and great use of the shape to make the bat. Love when we can use a shape like that several ways! Super!

  9. Great job. You are so creative. I think the eyes made it and you know "the eyes have it". Thanks for a great job.

  10. so, so very cute love the pleated ribbon and boo.

    marg0006 at verizon dot net

  11. Love it! Awesome job! So cute!