Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am Back! with Carnival News!

 Hello Everyone!!!!

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I have missed you all! I apologize for my absence....  I was very busy at the end of October and beginning of this month. I had to get ready for my first Carnival craft table, and then I had unexpected guest visit and stay for a week. Right after that my son got really sick and we have been in and out of the hospital, but all is well now  and I can update you all with the Carnival and Latest Promotions.

First up all my Goodies that were made for the Carnival... This was my first attempt at a table, and here in Miami there are not a lot of "crafters" out there so I was not sure which way to pursue my display or what to even sell. I did a lot of research the weeks prior and looked at best sellers in the craft fair business and Made a few of those "must have" items (details to come). I decided to put out some items that I had on hand from CTMH and have my catalogs, along with Business cards available. I brought PLENTY of my Crafts that I have made with My Art philosophy and Artiste to sell and show off the cartridge possibilities. I also brought   several Altered Frames to show off the possibility of crafting, not just for Scrapbooks.

Ok so here are some of the items that I found through internet search that were Must have sat a craft table:

Mini "altered" Notebooks. I sold these at $2 each and people did not flinch to buy them!

The Hello Kitty ones Flew out of the baskets faster than I thought! 

Next up I have the infamous Post it note Holders (these are so cute and EASY)

I decided to "Package" these since I heard that kids like to come and flip threw ALL of the ones on the table. SO to minimize the damage I bought Clear envelopes/bags from Amber Shaw over at Its $8.00 for 100 and its Free S/H and its Super FAST! Plus all the proceeds go to helping her get more cards out to the Troops over seas!

Here are some that I thought would sell well for teachers.

All the post it note holders sold for $4 each

Here are some Hello Kitty ones I figured the girls would go crazy over (boy was I right!)

I kept the Men/boys in mind when making these...

These were kept simple... 

These I loved! I used my favorite paper pack Dotty for you! 

 Here are some Orange Print also from Dotty

 Last but not least some Peacock Feathers and with some Bling

 Next up are some Holiday gift tags

These first ones are my FAVORITE!!! aren't they cute!!

Santa Gift tags: sold for $3 each Unit (4 tags)

These next set of tags each sold for $1.50 each Unit (5 tags each)

Here are some Simple Gift Card holder I made: sold these for $1 each... went Really well :)

Sorry the Picture quality is not great had to take a quick pic with phone, forgot camera for this one.

Next are some Altered Frames I decided to put together last minute:

I also had some pumpkin poop that Sold out quick! had them 2/$1 and the kids LOVED them!!!
unfortunately did not remember to take a picture :(

Here are some pictures of my set up, keep in mind that it was at a local Small elementary School and the space was very limited...



Hope you enjoyed my post, If you have Any questions on any of the items that I have here ask away!

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Thanks for stopping by.....~ Diana


  1. Welcome back, Diana!!! I missed you on FB. Everything looks fantastic for your table. Great projects--love the journals! What did you use for the spine? :)

    1. Thanks Amie! They are actually mini composition notebooks that I "altered" so didn't do a thing to the spine :)