Friday, July 13, 2012

Mini Scrapbook Album

TADA! here is the latest Item I created....

I put this together in just one day... took me longer to get the photos done for this blog post ;)

The pages are 5x7 and fit up to 4x6, Sure you can fit a 5x7 but then you wouldn't  see the nice paper.

Here is the Cover you can insert a picture into it, and it has a 2x2 opening.

This is the first page on the inside. The picture will slide right in, the "title" is not stuck on the page all the way so the picture will sit right behind it on the yellow "mat"


 This is pg 2-3

Here is pg 4-5

 Close up of pg 5

pages 6-7 with tag closed

Close up of pg7 TAG
 Pgs 8-9

Tag pulled out on pg 8

Pg 10-11
 My favorite set of pages

pgs 12-13

 Pg 14 and end cover

Pg 14 Close up

Hope you enjoyed this mini scrapbook. It will be up for sale on my Etsy shop Check it out!

There are a few other items listed on  Etsy :)